AMSU - Portable suction unit

AMSU - Portable suction unit

Airway Medical Suction Unit (AMSU™) aka. 'Breathe' is a portable suction device for clearing blocked airways in emergency and chronic conditions. It looks like a sports bottle. It has the potential to make current technology obsolete.

AMSU has numerous benefits over current back-up electric/battery suction systems (picture below):

· 90% cheaper  

· 95% smaller  

· 95% lighter  

· Easier to use  

· No ongoing maintenance issues  

· Does not require electrical power   

· Waterproof

AMSU meets international standards for laryngeal high, low and thoracic suction.

AMSU can be adapted for specific scenarios and is also adjustable from 0 to 25 L per minute flow at 0 to -50 KPa vacuum. 

AMSU has multiple applications within the medical and industrial


  • Daily hospital use. Breathe can provide emergency suction to clear blocked airways, enhance survival rates for tracheostomy patients or give respite for chronic conditions such a Cystic Fibrosis, Brain Injury and Dementia, amongst other medical scenarios. 
  • Veterinary 
  • Paramedic and First Responders (defibrillator boxes).  
  • Other Emergency Services such as Coastguards, Air Ambulance and RNLI. 
  • MOD Battlefield Medics
  • Domiciliary
  • Industrial applications would include any situation whereby a fluid needs to be removed from an awkward location, for example deep sea oil rigs, chemical spillages in laboratories,
    hazardous spillages in industry. 

Watch a video of Simon e xplaining how the device works.

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